Rashmika in Chamak

Rashmika Mandanna’s 3rd Kannada movie “Chammak” starring Kannada beauty as the heroine was released on 29 December 2017 in Kannada. Rashmika Mandana (Khushi) plays the heroine in this movie. She has completed an MBA graduate and works as an event organizer. In this movie, she acted perfectly opposite Kannada hero Ganesh. And in this movie Rashmika looked even more beautiful in the costumes she wore in this movie. Rashmika impresses with her glamor with her screen presence in her happy role. In this movie, Rashmi gets married and divorces for various reasons. Rashmi’s character seems to be even stronger in … Read more

Anjani Putra

Rashmika in Anajaniputra

The Anjani Putra movie after the Kannada movie Kirik Party commercial hit, Kannada beauty Rashmika Mandana played the lead role in the film ‘Anjani Putra’ and what role did Rashmika Mandanna play in this movie? What is his role in this? Impressed the audience with his acting? Let’s see when Rashmika Mandana (Gita) as the heroine in this movie. She starred opposite Kannada hero Puneet Rajkumar (Viraj Aka Raja). Rashmika Mandana’s debut film Kirik Party starred Rashmika in the audience and her second film in Kannada, Rashmika, was well received by the fans. Rashmika did full justice to her role … Read more

Kirik Party

Rashmika in Kirik Party

Kirk Party Rashmika Mandana made her acting debut in Kannada with Kirik Party Movie 29 December 2016 (premiere show), 30 December 2016 released in Kannada in India. In this movie Shanvi, the daughter of a serious police officer, appears as a final year student. In the movie, Rashmi is writing a book about a sex worker. Not only that, Rashmi also helps sex workers personally and collects their personal details. Although this is Rashmika’s acting debut, her performance in the movie is amazing, but Rashmi accidentally falls out of a window while dancing while drinking alcohol in a party celebration … Read more